Parent Info

➨ What is included in the Interactive Piano Method®? Each level’s “package” has a printed Lesson Book, corresponding online activities, downloadable PDFs (Performance Pieces, Activity Sheets, etc.), and mp3 teacher duet accompaniments, so the student can play along at home. The Lesson Book is also provided as a downloadable PDF that can be printed and loaded to an iPad® for backup, for travel, or even for use right at the piano!

➨ Who purchases the materials? Parents or teachers can purchase the materials. Your child’s teacher will either:

√ buy a package for the student (a parent’s email address is required),

√ tell you which package to buy, or

√ share the product page with you via email.

➨ Why must a parent’s email address be used?  The website considers each email address to be an individual “user.” It keeps track of the student’s progress with the activities, stores their answers, etc. If you choose, you may create a new email account to use just for this purpose.

➨ What if siblings are using the materials? Each child must still have their own account, and a second parent email address should be used. Again, a free email account (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) can easily be created for a sibling. Families with multiple siblings can be registered using the same email address by using the “Add/Edit a Family” feature.

➨ How will I know when the teacher has made the purchase and my child can access the online materials? You will receive an email stating that the teacher has made the purchase and assigned the materials to your child. Also included will be a username and link to login. (This sends you to “My Account” at

Once logged in under “My Account,” you can access the Online Materials and Activities and download the Lesson Book PDF. This PDF can be downloaded (in part or in full) and used until the printed book arrives.

➨ Where do students work on the online activities? The teacher will most likely assign the activities to be done at home. Your child can use any computer, iPad®, or other tablet. (A mobile phone is possible, but not recommended.) Students can work on the activities anywhere, even if they’re not near a piano. However, internet access is required.

The activities are designed to be self-directed, and offer students immediate feedback (and help, if needed.) There are no grades, and students can reset each activity to try to beat their own high score! For more information about the online activities, see the Student Info page.

➨ What are the PDF downloads? Corresponding PDF downloads (Performance Pieces, Activity Sheets, etc.) are assigned to the student at the end of each unit in the Lesson Book. The teacher may assign PDFs to be printed at home and brought to the next lesson. However, many teachers prefer to do the downloading and printing themselves, so please consult with the teacher.

➨ Can I download and print all the PDFs for the entire level at once? Yes! For convenience, there is a link to download all the PDFs for the entire level as one larger file. This link can be found on the main level page, accessed by clicking “Online Materials and Activities” (under “My Account” in the upper right of the website). You will have a choice to download the PDFs arranged by unit (to create an all-in-one printout), and/or by category. Please consult the teacher for their preference.

➨ What about the MP3 downloads? The mp3 recordings are grouped into four “albums” per level, which can be loaded to any mobile device for the student to use at the piano. Since each mp3 album downloads as a zip file, it is recommended to first download the file to a computer, and then unzip. For Mac users, simply double-click the file to unzip. For Window users, right-click the folder and select “Extract All.”

To add the mp3s to iTunes® in your computer, simply drag the folder from your desktop to the iTunes® window. You can also choose File > Add to Library, locate the folder, and click Open.

You can easily locate the mp3s in your music library by sorting by “artist,” (Interactive Piano Method®), genre (Education), or the “album” name (such as “1B Lesson Bk Practice Tracks,” etc.) Once the mp3s are on your computer, you may transfer them to any mobile phone or tablet.

➨ For more information on the MP3s, download the Parent Info Guide.

➨ What is the “My Progress” practice log? Your child can keep track of how much they practice each day, and share it with their teacher at the end of the week (via email or by printing the log.) “My Progress” also lets students create a convenient “favorite song list,” for easy reference while practicing.

➨ What is a Digital-Only Package? If your child has a digital-only package, the Lesson Book will be provided as a downloadable PDF (no printed Lesson Book.)

➨ Does access to my child’s level expire after a period of time? Nope! Students can move at their own pace and can take as long as they need to do the online activities and access the digital downloads.

➨ What if I have technical problems? Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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