Level 1A — For Beginner / Early Elementary Students

Level 1A — For Beginner Students and Early Elementary Students

1A Table of Contents

Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method®

Level 1A of Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method® is designed to motivate beginner students with an engaging, kid-friendly lesson book, fun online theory games and activities, and even ear training (yes, at the beginner level)!

Written for “Early Elementary” piano students, the musical concepts learned in Level 1A include:

  • Note values: quarter, half, dotted half, whole
  • Rests: quarter, half, whole
  • Dynamics: p, mp, mf, f
  • Notes on the staff from Bass C to Treble G
  • Elements of the grand staff
  • Step, skip, repeated notes, octave, ties

Interactive Piano Method® - 1A sample page "Pardon Me, Honeybee"

Carol Matz's Interactive Piano Method® - Sample Recordings

Check out our virtual samplers!

Listen to recordings of Lesson Book pieces with teacher duets, while following the score!

  • 1A Virtual Sampler

Online Activities:

1A Unit 4 Dashboard Screenshot

Interactive Piano Method® - 1A Sample Activity "The Soft and Loud Crowd"

Interactive Piano Method® - 1A Sample Activity "Baseball Guys"

PDF Downloads:

Level 1A includes fun Activity Sheets and Performance Pieces.

Activity with Maze

Interactive Piano Method® - Activity Sheet Sample "Dice Matching Game"

Interactive Piano Method® - METHOD LEVELS 1A Performance Pieces Contents

Interactive Piano Method® - Performance Piece Sample "Hot Air Balloon"