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Carol Matz

Carol Matz has composed, authored, and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. An experienced piano teacher herself, Carol has presented numerous piano-teaching workshops throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia. In addition to the Interactive Piano Method, Carol is well known for the extensive Famous & Fun series of arrangements for students (published by Alfred Music).

Carol studied composition, arranging, and orchestration at the University of Miami, and has written for a variety of ensembles including orchestra, jazz big band, brass quintet, and string quartet. Her work also includes studio arrangements for a number of artists in Miami-area recording studios.

She is a business partner and strong supporter of the MusicLink Foundation, which links low-income families to music teachers willing to reduce their fee to make lessons more affordable for the children. (Please visit their website!)

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About Carol Matz

Fun Facts About Me (from Carol)

  • My piano students and I have a secret handshake and lots of silly jokes.
  • I love The Beatles. My students like playing with my cat (George Harrison) and my dog (Ringo), who hang out in my piano studio!
  • I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life. I didn’t even see snow until I was 18 years old!
  • I love adventure travel: riding in helicopters, zip-lining, rappelling down cliffs…pretty much anything that requires a helmet.
  • My hobbies are riding my bicycle, reading in the hammock, watching basketball… and I’m obsessed with playing my electric guitar!
  • Random things: I can talk like Donald Duck; I really don’t like yogurt; I love art; I have no sense of direction; I’m a vegetarian; and I’m a total science geek, especially about space and physics.
Carol Matz - George & Ringo

George & Ringo

Carol Matz rappelling in Utah

Rappelling in Utah

Carol Matz at the Great Barrier Reef taken from a helicopter

Great Barrier Reef taken from a helicopter