“There aren’t enough words to express how much I love this method! I use Carol’s Famous & Fun series and other pieces, so I decided to try it with one student. Now, most of my studio is using it! I can’t rave enough about the online component either. That in itself is a GAME CHANGER! I also love that Carol is very accessible. If you have a question or a problem, she’s always there, willing to help out!”

– Mysti Dye (Mysti’s Music Studio)

“I tried integrating apps into my lesson plans, however they never perfectly supported the lesson that day. Carol’s method solves this problem by giving bite-sized online games and activities that directly relate to the unit’s topic. There is never an objection to playing them—what a welcome change from the sighs that usually precede work in theory books!

Carol also addresses what I see as shortfalls of other methods: more songs in 3/4 time, more left-hand melodies, and students learn to shift their hands around the keyboard.”

– Jim Lansing (Jim the Piano Guy Studios)

“My students totally enjoy Carol Matz’s Interactive method. They love the songs and think it’s fun to go on the computer to do their theory work. This method is a complete experience for students. I give this series the highest ranking of any method on the market!”

– K. Wolff, Fremont, California

Carol Matz Piano - Testimonials

“Forget the fact that it’s visually appealing, and the fact that it has online activities that automatically “grade” themselves, this method is pedagogically sound! The progression is logical and covers all sorts of technical aspects, developing musicianship along the way. It also covers lead sheets, composition, technique, you name it!”

– Robyn Egan, Australia

” I have switched many of my students over to Carol’s Interactive Piano Method and they are loving it and doing much better with their lessons. Many of the parents have also told me that their child is starting to practice more without having to be reminded! Also, I started using the internet for lessons and makeup lessons. This meant scanning music from my library, saving as a PDF, and then showing it on my computer to the online student. This method has saved me all that extra work and is a better fit for the way I teach now.”

– Ellie Leimer (Music Masters of Chanhassan)

“I am really loving this method! It has all of the things I’ve liked from other methods all rolled into one! I really appreciate how well rounded and engaging it is, and the pacing is great! My students and I love the music, and I love the emphasis on learning scales and chords. These materials are super relevant and really fun!”

– Mallory (Mallory’s Music)

“Students LOVE Carol’s Interactive Piano Method. The music is engaging, the pages are easy to read, and the method encompasses so many aspects required to produce well-rounded musicians. I especially like that there is no focus on hand positions, encouraging students to move freely around the keys from the very start.”

– Yvonne Ready (Music with Yvonne)

Carol Matz Piano - Testimonials

“I have been using Carol Matz’s Famous & Fun books for many years as supplementary material, and when I started using the Interactive Method for a few of my pupils, it was just as wonderful! They really love the innovative and fun approach, plus printed sheets that match up with the pieces they are working on. Love it and highly recommend it to other teachers!”

– Cherie Kaushal, New Zealand


Carol Matz Piano - More Testimonials

from Clavier Companion – January 2018

“A truly innovative method. It seems like every few years we are introduced to a new set of method books that promise concrete and sequential learning, fun, and ease in teaching the material. Some of these methods live up to the hype. The Interactive Piano Method…is a truly innovative method that allows both teacher and student access to quality, flexible, well thought-out pieces, activities, and computer tutoring…You know you have a hit on your hands when the ‘troops’ vote and say, ‘I really love this piano book!'”

– Jodie J. Jensen

“Matz is a talented and experienced composer and arranger. She understands today’s piano student well, and has written a modern method they can relate to. A solid, comprehensive foundation for all concepts is created through clearly presented and carefully sequenced lessons and pieces. Matz includes pieces with left hand melodies to help improve bass clef reading early on, and she emphasizes scales and chords. Her use of minor and modal pieces exposes students to a wide variety of sounds.”

– Michelle Sisler

from Music Educator Resources – October 2017

“Every once in a while there is a method that stands out from the rest… Carol Matz has published a new method called the Interactive Piano Method…that is different and definitely stands out. She has taken a method and has created an experience for students.” (The) method is jam-packed with so many great materials to support learning. Students will truly receive an interactive experience throughout the method.”

– Jennifer Foxx

More Testimonials

“I have been teaching from two primary methods for decades, but once I began to teach the Interactive Piano Method to a few students, I knew that I wanted to convert many more piano students to the method! I love that there are both familiar and original tunes. Many students have thanked me saying that they love their songs and new books! ”

– Kristi Balding (Kristi Balding’s Music Studio, Waterford MI)

“I love to use Carol’s Interactive Piano Method! Her levels are paced wonderfully, beginning each unit with easy-to-understand lessons that are accompanied by great activities and performance pieces. My students love having their own website login to complete each unit’s online quizzes. The method also incorporates beautifully composed music in styles from all around the world. I even suggest all teachers give the method a try with older beginners and adult students!”

–Ben Raznick, M.Ed

“My students LOVE the method. I like how Carol includes arrangements of famous classical pieces so students can also learn the works of the old masters. I have also bought her Christmas books and four-hand duets for my students, which they really enjoy!”

– Gerður Gísladóttir, Iceland

Carol Matz Piano - More Testimonials

“This method is very thorough and lays a great foundation for young pianists. The music is engaging and the illustrations appeal to a wide age range.”

– Luisa (Cadenza Studios)

“I have been using Carol’s method for a couple of years and absolutely love it! I like how the lesson book has supplemental music coordinated with each unit. Some of my students needed more music at each level and others did not so I just printed what was needed. The online theory exercises are wonderful. I really like the variety it adds to each lesson, and it keeps the students interested!”

– Sally Ritchie (Keys to Imagination)