Why Use the Interactive Piano Method®?

Carol Matz’s Interactive Piano Method® provides students an all-in-one, motivating course to learn piano.

Designed and written in a kid-friendly style, the well-paced Interactive Piano Method® builds a strong musical foundation through printed lesson books and a corresponding, interactive online experience.

Teachers know there’s never enough time to cover everything in a 30- or 45-minute lesson…but now, students can also work on introduced skills at home, in a fun, motivating way—right on a computer or iPad®! (Or other tablet.)

All online activities and digital downloads carefully correspond to each unit in the Lesson Book.

Why Use the Interactive Piano Method®?

Method Strengths

  • Students can work on ear training anywhere—on a mobile device or computer.
  • Many familiar pieces are included, even at the early levels.
  • Pieces include more left-hand melodies to improve bass-staff reading.
  • An emphasis on scales, chords, and arpeggios builds a solid foundation.
  • The teacher duets are easy to read, harmonically interesting, and supportive.

The package for each level includes:

  • Professionally printed Lesson Book
  • Downloadable PDF of Lesson Book
  • Online Theory Activities
  • Performance Pieces
  • Activity Sheets
  • Ear Training
  • Note Spelling
  • Teacher-Duet MP3s
  • Technique Pages (starts in 2A)
  • Sight-Reading (starts in 1B)
  • Online, Interactive Practice Log
  • Virtual Flashcards

All for the same price as three traditional method books!

Digital-only packages available!DIGITAL-ONLY PACKAGES at a reduced price are also available. Lesson Books are provided as downloadable PDFs that can be printed and loaded to an iPad® for backup, for travel, or even for use right at the piano!

Digital-only packages available!Customers outside of the U.S. will enjoy saving international shipping costs by purchasing the digital-only packages.

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