How to Order & Manage Students

IMPORTANT! Any packages over and above your personal copy can be assigned to a student. You must have a copy of a level in your OWN account (even if it’s a free promo copy) in order to purchase multiple levels for students.

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10 Helpful Tips

#1)  Select quantities of each level and add to your cart.

#2) During checkout, indicate your role (teacher, parent, etc.) Notice that a parent who purchases may notify the teacher of the purchase via email.

#3) What you’ll see after completing checkout:

#4) A receipt will be emailed to you. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.
(Also, if you have Gmail, check under the “Promotions” tab.)

→ Your receipt contains a link to download the Lesson Book PDF, plus a link to access the Online Materials and Activities.

→ If you’ve purchased multiple copies of any one level, you’ll also see a place to click to assign packages (levels) to your students. This leads to the “Manage Students” section.

#5) Once you assign a package (level) to a student, the parent and student will be notified via email.

They will be sent: 1) a link to login; 2) a username; and 3) a link to access the Lesson Book PDF and the Online Materials and Activities.

How to Order

#6) You can always find all your materials under “My Account” in the upper right of the website. Think of this as your “home base” or account dashboard.

#7) One of the options under “My Account” is “Manage Students.” Here you can ADD A STUDENT (create an account for them using a parent email) and assign the student a level.

#8) Also under “Manage Students,” you can view all of your assigned students, including their usernames, email addresses, and which levels have been assigned to them.

#9) You can even sort your students by level under “Manage Students.”

#10) When you click “Overview” within the “Manage Students” section, you’ll find information on:

→ how many packages you’ve purchased in each level,
→ how many are assigned to students, and
→ how many remain available to assign.